Friday, May 10, 2013

Hiroshima Flower Festival Yosakoi Dance Parade よさこい

Every year in Hiroshima city, a 3 day Flower festival is held which fills the city with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the entertainment on different stages, parades on the first and last day and countless Japanese and international food stalls and game stalls.

Our family go every year and one of my favorite things to watch is the dance parade held on the 3rd day called "Yosakoi". Yosakoi dance groups all have to use some of the same techniques and dance moves, many of the troupes also use the Japanese clapper instrument and Japanese fans. 

This year (2013) it was amazing weather, sunny with blue skies all day. The parade started at midday and featured Yosakoi dance troupes from around Hiroshima and other regions throughout Japan.    

You can see in the pictures in the above slideshow and in the video below how much practice goes into these performances. It is also impressive to see how enthusiastic and full of energy the dancers are, it is impossible not to feel impressed and excited while watching.


  1. Is the most beautiful festival in the world.

  2. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Great events happening all over Japan....thanks for sharing!


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